Settling In

Key Person & Home Visits – we offer each family the opportunity of a home visit by the key person assigned to your child and another member of staff before the child starts nursery. This promotes the opportunity to develop effective relationships between home and nursery.

The Key person will

  • Share nursery toys/resources with your child, discover the child’s interests and talk about nursery experiences
  • Exchange information with your family – Nursery Registration Forms/All About Me Information/discuss the nursery routine and the Early Years Foundation Stage /the range and type of activities and experiences provided for children/ and how the family can support their child within nursery
  • Discuss start dates/ settling in visits and that these will reflect the needs of the individual child
  • Take a photograph of your child/ and family to display in the nursery when they start their settling in visits to help children have a sense of belonging
  • Provide reassurance for families that may be anxious about their child starting nursery/ or may have attachment/separation concerns


Settling In Visits

Working in partnership with our families is the key to support effective and positive transitions. Parents/carers have a significant role to play in preparing and supporting children at times of change and it is essential to value them and respect them as partners and involve them as fully as possible.

Children are able to explore their environment with confidence if they know there is a responsive and emotionally available adult.

On the first visit to nursery time is spent with your child and family developing a sense of trust and security with the key person, as well as developing an awareness of others within the nursery environment. The first welcome visit is usually planned for one hour.

On the second visit to nursery if your child is feeling settled and more secure you may leave the child with the key person and wait upstairs in nursery in case your child becomes upset.

Every child is an individual with different starting points and different needs, therefore flexibility and partnership working by the key person and family will support settling your child into the nursery routine.

The key person will provide flexible approaches and increasing the visit time to meet your child’s individual needs.

Young children need time to develop special relationships and build trust with others. Successful transitions between home and nursery and the special relationships that develop create foundations for young children’s future learning and development.

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