Red Group

Miss Chesson (am) / Miss James (pm)


We would like to offer a warm welcome to the children and parents who belong to Red Group. Miss Chesson is morning key person and Miss James is afternoon key person.

Together, with the children and their families we have been exploring our new nursery environment, indoor and outdoors and getting to know our new friends and key person.

Please enjoy the photos we have shared with you to show how much we are enjoying settling in and playing with our friends.

Our Class Blog

Trying new things in Red group

Mark-making in different ways. Making little circles is pretty tricky! Reading a story to our friends. Counting out how many mats we need. "I am a diver in the sea. I can breathe now!"

Baking together

  We love baking cakes in nursery and investigate what happens when we add all of the ingredients together. Washing up after baking is lots of fun!!

Exploring Forest School

Mrs Holmes' red group ventured into the great unknown...Forest School! We dressed in waterproofs and wellies to make sure we were prepared for all weathers. From tiny shoots... To huge walls... We were fascinated by the objects and living things we found. Mostly, we...

Making new friends

Exploring the creatures in the deep, dark sea.   . The Gruffalo visited Red Group!   Engaging in role play and developing new friendships.

New Beginnings

Making new friendships. Preparing snack to keep us healthy. Making discoveries. Learning to 'fit' in and stand out! Spreading our wings...

A visit to the shops

  Enjoying a visit to the local shops together.     The children looked carefully for all of the items on their shopping lists.   We were very excited to read and discover some letters on our very special 'Bensham Grove Nursery School' sign.  ...

Spring Walk

We enjoyed a walk together and looked for signs of Spring. The children discovered different kinds of flowers and noticed the different colours, shapes and sizes.

Bird Watch Month

As part of Bird Watch Month the children created bird feeders to hang in the nursery garden to help feed the birds during Winter.    We had a special visitor from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) who talked about all the different kinds of birds...

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