Red Group

Miss Chesson (am) / Miss James (pm)


We would like to offer a warm welcome to the children and parents who belong to Red Group. Miss Chesson is morning key person and Miss James is afternoon key person.

Together, with the children and their families we have been exploring our new nursery environment, indoor and outdoors and getting to know our new friends and key person.

Please enjoy the photos we have shared with you to show how much we are enjoying settling in and playing with our friends.

Our Class Blog

Litter Picking

Today in nursery, the children were helping to litter pick. They learnt about importance of looking after the local environment and recycling...

Pirate Play!

The children dressed as pirates then created a pirate ship with blocks. They used their treasure map to look for treasure! "Everyone ... on the pirate ship!" "Wait a minute!... We have to set sail" The children initiate and share their own ideas in imaginative role...

Playing and investigating together!

The children worked together to push the vehicles around the nursery garden. They decided they needed some 'extra help' and asked some friends to join in. Teamwork!! During 'Plan, Do, Review' sessions the children share and talk about their achievements within their...

Expressive Arts!

The children have used their very 'special treasure maps' to explore finding gold and silver treasure in the nursery garden. Mr Gillie plays wonderful tunes and songs on the Ukulele, we join in singing together and creating different beats in time to the music. The...

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