Red Group

Miss Chesson (am) / Miss James (pm)


We would like to offer a warm welcome to the children and parents who belong to Red Group. Miss Chesson is morning key person and Miss James is afternoon key person.

Together, with the children and their families we have been exploring our new nursery environment, indoor and outdoors and getting to know our new friends and key person.

Please enjoy the photos we have shared with you to show how much we are enjoying settling in and playing with our friends.

Our Class Blog

Amina’s Birthday

The children have been studying the globe and pointing out the different countries.Together they discussed that we live in Gateshead, England. The children talked about our special friend Amina who lives in Tanzania. They decided it would be a nice idea to send her...

Road Safety Day

The children enjoyed learning about road safety day. They listened carefully to instructions and guidance by moving accordingly as traffic on the road, by stopping and starting. All the children had an opportunity to dress up and participate.

Investigating recycled materials

Investigating recycled materials and making discovering how to join materials in different ways. It was lovely to see the children independently help and support each other to use scissors and cut tape. Observing each other and learning together! Displaying pride in...

Making marks and patterns

The children have explored creating marks and patterns using different materials. Investigating soapy water marks with brushes! Using chalks to create circles and lines. Creating marks using pasta and buttons in playdough, discovering what happens. Pressing shells and...

Forest School Experiences

Opportunities to discover and look closely at insects in their habitat underneath logs and stones. Mini Explorers off we go to explore and investigate! Talking about some of the things they have observed such as plants, growth, decay and change. Using senses to...

Invention Shed Experiences

The children explored and selected materials and resources in the Invention Shed. They discovered new ways of doing things by joining them together in different ways. Following key person discussion and guidance on using tools safely, the children handled the tools...

Enjoying the view!

On our visit to 'The Baltic' we went up to the fifth floor to look out of the very special viewing window. We were amazed at the wonderful sights! We could see 'The Sage' building and all of the bridges that went across the River Tyne. The children could see The Tyne...

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