Green Group

Mr Gillie


Welcome to Green Group. Mr Christopher Gillie is our keyperson.

Some of us stay for the full day and some of us only morning or afternoon.

We all love coming to nursery, there are lots of new and exciting things to do and learn everyday. We love to use a range of wheeled toys outside, climb and balance and investigate the every changing environment.

Inside we like to act out real life experiences, create with the dough, explore the sand and water and even prepare snack!

Our Class Blog

Family Learning Experiences

Throughout the year we have planned 'Family Learning Sessions' in nursery. Part of the session families can create wonderful experiences and resources to use with their children at home. Following the interests of the children! The children join in the second part of...

Developing our skills together.

Developing shared ideas while constructing outdoors.    Investigating paint mixing and using African art to inspire our painting. Persevering with physical activities outdoors.    Exploring different fruit and their features at snack time, before tasting and washing...

Investigations in Green group

Creating our very own soup in the arbour.   Problem solving to ensure our garden was safe after extremely heavy rainfall.    Investigating the beebots with a friend. Making discoveries in ice!       Developing our physical skills in a range of ways.  ...

New beginnings

Making discoveries in Forest School.   Exploring and experimenting in the water.   Creating a birthday cake for a green group friend. Visiting our home corner to enjoy real life experiences.   Developing our very own car wash.  

Building site visit

Some of the children in Yellow and Green group have had a fantastic opportunity this month. They were invited by the Gentoo building site in Bensham to go and have a look around. The children had a fantastic time! On arrival, the children were all given  hard hats and...

Our building site

Over the past few months we have enjoyed watching the building site outside our nursery garden. We can see that the builders are busy building new houses.                                This week in nursery we have created our very own building site! We have got huge...

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