Green Group

Mr Gillie


Welcome to Green Group. Mr Christopher Gillie is our keyperson.

Some of us stay for the full day and some of us only morning or afternoon.

We all love coming to nursery, there are lots of new and exciting things to do and learn everyday. We love to use a range of wheeled toys outside, climb and balance and investigate the every changing environment.

Inside we like to act out real life experiences, create with the dough, explore the sand and water and even prepare snack!

Our Class Blog

Doodle Day

The children enjoyed participating in 'doodle day'. They created self-portraits and stories on large strips of paper.

The green group have explored the different recycled materials to create models. Some of the fantastic models included; a pirate ship, a bus and a superhero! The children had a lot of fun experimenting with all the materials and finding new ways of joining and gluing....

Using tools in the invention shed

Today we have been using tools in the invention shed. We had a lovely time exploring all of the resources together. The children were very careful, while using the different tools and they used their...

Forest School Signs of Spring

The children are interested in the first signs of Spring. So today, we explored the Forest School to see what we could discover. The green group were fascinated by the the growth and changes in the Forest School. They used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at...

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