Green Group

Mr Gillie


Welcome to Green Group. Mr Christopher Gillie is our keyperson.

Some of us stay for the full day and some of us only morning or afternoon.

We all love coming to nursery, there are lots of new and exciting things to do and learn everyday. We love to use a range of wheeled toys outside, climb and balance and investigate the every changing environment.

Inside we like to act out real life experiences, create with the dough, explore the sand and water and even prepare snack!

Our Class Blog

Learning about Amina

The children in nursery have been learning all about our sponsored friend 'Amina' who lives in Tanzania. We shared Amina's journal and letters and decided it would be lovely to send her some pictures we had drawn together in nursery.        ...

Amina’s Birthday

The children have been studying the globe and pointing out the different countries.Together they discussed that we live in Gateshead, England. The children talked about our special friend Amina who lives in Tanzania. They decided it would be a nice idea to send her...

Creating a fruit and vegetable shop

Today the children explored the fruit and vegetable shop resources. They identified the importance of having shopkeepers to serve to the customers, each taking turns to change between roles. The children created their own labels, price tags and shopping lists to...

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Today the children have enjoyed acting out a favourite story, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. They listened to the story, before deciding to build their own 'rickety bridge'. The children shared resources pretending to be the...

Painting outdoors

The children explored using the paints, whilst outdoors. Creating different patterns, shapes and marks. They enjoyed painting the bricks a variety of colours and mixing the colours on the pavement.

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