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A visit to Seven Stories

The children listened to exciting stories and joined in creating sounds, actions and movements. Enjoying the story "Can't You Sleep Little Bear". Selecting props and dressing up clothing to take the role of book characters.  ...

Pudsey Bear Day

Today the children have joined in with 'Children in Need'. They have bounced around the nursery to the Pudsey Dance, explored the outdoors on a Pudsey Bear hunt and baked cakes to help raise money. [gallery type="divi" link="file" ids="26106,26105,26097,26088,26089"...

Investigating recycled materials

Investigating recycled materials and making discovering how to join materials in different ways. It was lovely to see the children independently help and support each other to use scissors and cut tape. Observing each other and learning together! Displaying pride in...

Seven Stories

As part of the 'Living Books Research Project' the nursery worked closely with Seven Stories and with our nursery families to encourage reading. and enjoying books. Enjoying a visit to Seven Stories to listen to some exciting stories! We investigated the resources and...

Painting outdoors

The children explored using the paints, whilst outdoors. Creating different patterns, shapes and marks. They enjoyed painting the bricks a variety of colours and mixing the colours on the pavement.

Recreating fireworks using chalk

The children represented their experiences of bonfire night, using chalks on the ground. They enjoyed creating a variety of different lines and swirls to illustrate the fireworks they had seen in the sky.

Frosty morning

Today the children were fascinated by the cold and icy weather. We explored the nursery garden together in search of frost. Observing the changes in the environment and discussing what had happened.

Gateshead Library Visit

Everyone in nursery was invited along to Gateshead Library with their families to take part in a story telling session. We enjoyed listening to the librarian reading stories and joining in with actions, creating sounds and anticipating what might happen next in the...

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