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Fun with our Families

'Fit and Fun' Family Learning courses provide opportunities to join in physical experiences and promote healthy eating. Family Learning Courses support in preparing your child for starting school and also provide ideas and games that you can engage in at home.

Physical Development and Experiences

As part of our Healthy Schools Award we are engaging in experiences to support our Physical Skills and Development. We participated in the Gateshead Schools Dance Festival at The Sage Gateshead, by dancing to a Mary Poppins Melody. We took part in a Gateshead Schools...

Summer Fun Outdoors

Investigating ants crawling on the tree! Discovering flowers and growth in the nursery garden Creating beautiful movements and dance with ribbons

Our Garden Party

To celebrate the achievement of being graded Outstanding by Ofsted for both the Nursery School and Daycare we enjoyed a Family Garden Party. We made party food and played games together.  

Expressive Arts!

The children have used their very 'special treasure maps' to explore finding gold and silver treasure in the nursery garden. Mr Gillie plays wonderful tunes and songs on the Ukulele, we join in singing together and creating different beats in time to the music. The...

Time to fly!

We observed the life cycle of the butterfly and closely watched the changes from a caterpillar stage to a cocoon and were amazed as the butterflies hatched. The children were very excited to release our butterflies into the nursery garden and observe them flying away!...

End of Term Party!

To celebrate the end of the Summer Term and sadly say goodbye to the children leaving for school, we enjoyed a magic show with Mr Merlin the Magician! The children were fascinated with Mr Merlin's 'magic wand' and were excited to discover Trixie the rabbit appeared in...

Update for Parents/Carers

A deep clean was carried out and a spider was caught in one of the traps. We are now waiting for the identification of the spider. Thank you once again for all of your concerns regarding the member of staff who returned to work the same day and quickly made a full...

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