Forest School

At Bensham Grove Nursery School your child’s wellbeing is really important to us, we believe that children gain so much from learning in the outdoor environment.

We understand that children all learn in different ways and will do all we can to encourage and motivate them, explore alongside them and support their emotional needs.

The children are encouraged from day one of Forest School to develop as much independence as possible for example getting dressed in their outdoor clothing and undressed on their own. To start with it takes a long time but as the sessions progress the children get ready quicker and with lots of enthusiasm, because they want to get outside.

Children learn things that they can’t get from books or from being indoors. They discover the environment and what we share the outdoors with. They learn about the insects, birds and small animals, finding out about their habitats first hand and what they eat.



Forest School Experiences

Opportunities to discover and look closely at insects in their habitat underneath logs and stones. Mini Explorers off we go to explore and investigate! Talking about some of the things they have observed such as plants, growth, decay and change. Using senses to...

Forest School Signs of Spring

The children are interested in the first signs of Spring. So today, we explored the Forest School to see what we could discover. The green group were fascinated by the the growth and changes in the Forest School. They used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at...

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