Aims and Values

We are a learning community and it is our aim:

  • To provide a caring stable creative and stimulating environment in which children are happy and can learn at their individual developmental stage.
  • To provide first hand experiences to enable children to learn through their play, across the curriculum.
  • To provide a broad balanced differentiated curriculum that gives opportunity for all children to succeed and reach their full potential.
  • To promote independent and active learning by encouraging children to make their own decisions and begin to solve their own problems.
  • To provide activities and key experiences, which are both adult led and child initiated.
  • To provide challenging experiences and set high expectations for learning.
  • To encourage the development of concepts by providing opportunities for children to make links in their learning.
  • To develop each child’s knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of learning.
  • To foster a willingness to have a go, make mistakes and try things out without fear of failure.
  • To promote spiritual appreciation and moral understanding.
  • To develop social skills and provide opportunities for children to co-operate with others and learn from each other in a variety of situations.
  • To develop their full potential as effective communicators.
  • To identify and respond to the individual needs of all children.
  • To celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity and ensure equal access to all areas of learning for all children.


Education is not about filling a bucket but lighting a fire.

rights respecting

Rights Respecting School

At Bensham Grove Community Nursery School the diversity of individuals and communities is valued and respected. Through our work we aim to place the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of a school’s planning, policies, practice and ethos. The children at Bensham Grove Community Nursery play an active role in their own learning, developing the confidence to say what they think in all matters that affect them. We aim to help our children become caring and responsible citizens both in school and in the wider local community. The UNICEF’S Rights Respecting Award is recognition of our school as a Rights Respecting School.

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