We appreciate that from time to time children may be absent from school and that this can be for various reasons.


As a school we need to keep accurate records of absences and ensure that we know what is happening with all our children who are not at school.

If your child is going to be absent from school we would ask you to follow the procedure set out below:


We ask parents/carers to inform the nursery by telephone of the reason as soon as possible and before the start of the nursery session. This important procedure is shared and explained at the home visit/or when sharing information in nursery.


If the school is not informed of the child’s absence we will then contact you     (on the contact numbers provided) on the first day of the absence.


Children who are unwell or have an infectious illness are to be cared for at home until well enough to attend nursery and are no longer infectious. We follow the ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings’. We ask that you notify the nursery of any contagious illnesses as some childhood illnesses are reportable to the Health Protection Agency.

This is in the best interest of your child and others and to prevent the spread of infection.

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